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Avalon is unique in that it is run entirely by volunteers. No one gets paid. This means that everyone who joins us shares our vision to ‘meet unmet needs’ and is interested in supporting people.

By volunteering with Avalon you will be making a difference in many areas and address many issues including disability, mental health, homelessness and many more.



To indicate which areas you are interested in please fill out form below and submit or contact Avalon directly Ph. 9569 2240 or email [email protected]

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Donating to Avalon means you are supporting a small charity that is run solely by volunteers and donations. Your support will help keep our buses on the road, provide warmth to the homeless, and offer opportunities to people with disabilities. In short, you will be making a difference to people’s lives and providing hope and happiness to many.

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Avalon Centre

Meeting Unmet Needs.  To offer a helping hand to the people whom society has allowed to slip through the cracks. To provide, in any small way we can, a means to support, help and encourage all who welcome it.



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