The Avalon Centre opened in 1987 at North Caulfield, and was established originally as a “Centre of Creativity and Natural Healing”. Practitioners based at the Centre held a variety of workshops and events, providing a broad range of services and opportunities to an even broader class of participants.

One programme, initially offered called ‘CreativeABILITY DisABILITY’, provided creative opportunities and integration for people who have a disability or who are disadvantaged in some way. The programme proved so successful that it became the main focus of Avalon when it relocated to its new home in East Malvern. Programmes were set up to provide opportunities for creative expression, interaction, and support. The Drop-In facility, also originally established in the North Caulfield Centre, continues to be a vital part of the Centre in East Malvern today.

With its narrowed but more inclusive focus, the Centre attracted the interest of many public and private services dealing with intellectual disability and mental health. Social groups of a therapeutic and recreational nature were facilitated, with seminars, exhibitions and training conducted on site. The Drop-In was reduced to one day a week (on Mondays) but the fulfilment and joy it provided to the visitors remains unchanged.

Avalon needed to expand and reach out! For many years Avalon had focused its activities at the Centre. Whilst this had provided an important source of support for all those who visited, it became apparent that it was time for Avalon to move out into the community; to assist those whose needs were not being met by the larger, better-known organisations. 

In 2008 a committee was formed, and committed to the purchase of a new 12-seater bus, giving us the ability to proactively seek out and help those in need. We also decided to seek Deductible Gift Recipient status. This was done to encourage prospective donors to whom we also offered the ability to decide in what area or for which group their donation was to be used.

Avalon is a unique centre in many respects. With its broad mission of meeting unmet needs, Avalon continues to embrace the seemingly impossible. In pursuit of this goal Avalon has taken the unique approach of placing no limitations or restrictions on its endeavours. With a fixed Centre, a roving bus and an ever increasing group of committed and passionate volunteers, nothing is unachievable.

Can You Help?

Donating to Avalon means you are supporting a small charity that is run solely by volunteers and donations. Your support will help keep our buses on the road, provide warmth to the homeless, and offer opportunities to people with disabilities. In short, you will be making a difference to people’s lives and providing hope and happiness to many.

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Meeting Unmet Needs.  To offer a helping hand to the people whom society has allowed to slip through the cracks. To provide, in any small way we can, a means to support, help and encourage all who welcome it.



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