Nuts & Bolts Singles Mixer Fundraiser for Homelessness

Terms and Conditions

  1. These terms and conditions govern the Fundraising Event tickets sold on as described above organised by Avalon Centre Incorporated ABN 54 589 625 215 (“Avalon”).
  2. The Fundraising Event shall be conducted in Avalon’s name and is the sole responsibility of Avalon. The financial aspects, fundraising, raffles, record keeping and management of the Fundraising Event are entirely the responsibility of Avalon. All costs and debts associated with the Fundraising Event are the responsibility of Avalon.
  3. Avalon warrants that the Fundraising Event will be promoted and conducted by Avalon in compliance with all relevant laws and regulations including but not limited to registering as a fundraiser if required, adherence to all relevant raffle and promotions laws and record keeping.
  4. Avalon (including its officers, directors, employees and agents) shall not be in any way liable, whether solely or jointly, for any loss, damage or injury howsoever sustained (including without limitation, for negligence or breach of statutory duty) to any person or property, arising out of or in respect of the Fundraising Event.
  5. Any person or organisation fundraising in Victoria, unless specifically exempted, is required by law to ’register to fundraise’. Similar laws may apply in other states and territories. Details of fundraiser registration requirements in Victoria are available via the Consumer Affairs Vic website,
  6. The complimentary drink provided by our sponsor, Red Scooter, as advertised on our promotional materials, are subject to Red Scooter’s terms of redemption. Red Scooter reserves the right to not serve the complimentary drink if the terms of redemption are deemed to not have been met.
  7. By purchasing a ticket to the Fundraising Event, you have agreed to abide by all the terms and conditions above and for Avalon to collect certain personal information about you including for example your name and contact details which you provide. We collect and use that information to identify you at the Fundraising Event and for any other purposes that we describe at the time of collection. If you do not provide us with requested information we may not be able to provide you with the goods and services you require.