The Avalon Programmes


  • To provide affordable homes with ongoing tailored support for the homeless.
  • To present a working model based on ‘Housing First’, to inspire and motivate others to be involved
  • To reduce the number of homeless on the streets;
  • To enable our residents to recover control over their lives and develop a sense of self- respect and belief.

To provide hope, stability and support for the most vulnerable members in our community, through the provision of a home and the ongoing tailored support for the residents from Avalon volunteers and partners.



9am – 4pm


Every Monday, Avalon opens its doors to everyone!!!

Avalon has run the Drop-In programme for over 26 years. Come along to relax in a warm and welcoming environment, have a cuppa, meet new friends or catch up with old ones. Everyone is welcome!!!

Every few weeks, Avalon hosts a ‘Makeover day’ when Maree, a trained hairdresser, comes along to offer free haircuts to anyone who wants it. There is also the opportunity on these days to have make-up and nails done and also to choose a new wardrobe if you so desire!

Other groups that we have offered include cooking, art, craft, gardening and jewellery making.

If you would like to run a workshop (as a one off or regular event) at the Avalon Drop-In please contact the centre and we’ll be pleased to discuss the options with you.

Opportunities include: 

  • Chatting to our visitors
  • Assisting them with activities (art, craft, gardening)
  • Administration duties
  • Cooking/cleaning

03 9569 2240



Every Tuesdays & Occasional Saturdays



Avalon’s mini bus, ‘The Moving Heart of Gold’, goes on outings to an array of interesting and exciting locations. They provide an opportunity for people to get out and about, make new friends and have some fun.

Everyone is welcome to join us on our trips. A variety of people attend, including those with disabilities, carers, volunteers, students and friends. You are welcome to join us as either a participant or a volunteer.

The trips are by donation. Please let us know in advance if you would like to attend as places are limited.

03 9569 2240




9.30am – 4pm

Every Thursday, volunteers are welcome to come and lend a hand in the ongoing task of clothes sorting.

We then pack the “Moving Wardrobe” for the Friday’s clothes distribution trip.

Everyone is welcome, we have our regular volunteers, our corporate volunteers, and one off volunteers.

It is a day of fun, work and discovery!!!

03 9569 2240



Every Sunday Evening & Most Wednesdays & Fridays

The Homeless and Clothes Distribution programme provides clothing, bedding, toiletries and shoes to people who are living on the streets who are disadvantaged, living in low economic conditions or who are Asylum Seekers.  The term ‘homeless’ does not refer to just those ‘sleeping rough’ in parks and gardens. Those living in rooming houses and bedsits, although under roofs, are equally – if not more – lacking connections, and inclusion. Avalon’s van, “The Moving Wardrobe”, is packed with clothes, bedding and shoes and goes out with a group of committed volunteers.

We meet up with other organisations that are offering food and visit other charities. On Sundays we visit St. Kilda and the CBD and during the weeks we visit St. Mary’s House of Welcome, Cornerstone, The Asylum Seeker Resource Centre, St. Peter and Paul’s Church and The Gatwick Hotel. We are getting to know the regulars now and have developed a good relationship with quite a few.  Some even make their way to our weekly Drop-In on Mondays to meet other Avalonians. One of our aims alongside offering clothes and bedding, is to discover what else is needed and provide support and resources to help.

03 9569 2240

Can You Help?

Donating to Avalon means you are supporting a small charity that is run solely by volunteers and donations. Your support will help keep our buses on the road, provide warmth to the homeless, and offer opportunities to people with disabilities. In short, you will be making a difference to people’s lives and providing hope and happiness to many.

03 9569 2240

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Meeting Unmet Needs.  To offer a helping hand to the people whom society has allowed to slip through the cracks. To provide, in any small way we can, a means to support, help and encourage all who welcome it.



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