Kenny has been giving his time to those less fortunate for longer than anyone can remember. Aside from the warm fuzzies one gets from helping out, Kenny’s favourite perk about helping out at St. Mary’s House of Welcome, which provides community support for homeless and disadvantaged people, is probably telling people “I’ve been here since before you were born”, or one of the myriad “…when I were a lad…” stories that everyone over 50 seems to have in abundance. Unlike most people over 50, however, Kenny likes the changes that have happened around him, admiring the ways in which the House has grown, bringing in more people, who he is always happy to meet.

Kenny does most of the housekeeping at St Mary’s, taking the bins out, hanging the towels up, getting the mail, and all the other assorted tasks that people only notice when they haven’t been done. Kenny also comes in to help set up for breakfast and lunch, and then packs up afterwards, meaning he is around for much of the day, which has allowed him to make many friends, which he is grateful for.