Avalon Calendar

Weekly Schedule

Avalon is doing a range of different things each week to assist those who have been forgotten, overlooked and left behind. Below is generally what our week looks like depending on the need. Reach out to us if you want to get involved in any of the upcoming events.

MONDAY The Avalon Drop-In (Weekly 9am-4pm)
TUESDAY Day Trip with Avalon (Weekly 9am-4pm)
WEDNESDAY Clothing & Bedding Distribution * (Fortnightly 5pm-8pm)
THURSDAY Clothes Sorting & Packing of Van (Weekly 9.30am–4pm)
FRIDAY Clothing & Bedding Distribution * (By appointment)
SATURDAY Avalon Homes for the Homeless Maintenance (At varying times)
SUNDAY Clothing & Bedding Distribution * (Fortnightly 5pm-8pm)

* Dates and events subject to change. Please contact us and call on (03) 9569 2240 for further information.

Upcoming Events

No current events