Q1. Where does Avalon’s funding come from?

Through donations from generous people who believe in the goals of Avalon. Also through any grants and fundraising events (eg. Sausage Sizzles).

Q2. Why has Avalon changed from the original location?

Avalon has been through 3 stages in its development. ( See History) As Avalon grew, so did our goals. To achieve these goals we needed to reach out into the community to offer support to those people who further afield eg the homeless and the Bush fire victims.

Q3. How many volunteers does Avalon have?

70-100 Some may only help occasionally; others come on a regular basis and some when the need arises.

Q4. What type of activities could I do as an Avalon volunteer?

There is no limit to volunteer opportunities at Avalon. See Get Involved Volunteering

Q5. If I have a disability would there be a position for me at Avalon?

Absolutely! Avalon welcomes everyone and there is no limitation when it comes to volunteering at Avalon!

Q6. Who does Avalon help?

Anyone who needs it. People who are disabled, the disadvantaged, the lonely, the homeless and the list goes on.

Q7. Where is Avalon located?

1936 Malvern Road, East Malvern  (See Contact)

Q8. When does Avalon need volunteers?

All the time. Avalon is run solely by volunteers. The more volunteers we have the more we can achieve. Get involved and volunteer with us.

Q9. Do I need any training or qualifications to be an Avalon Volunteer?

No, everyone is welcome to visit Avalon and offer whatever they feel they can.

Q10. What does a tax deductible donation mean to me?

Any donation over $2.00 that you make to Avalon can be used as a reduction in your taxable income.

Q11. Where does my donation go?

You are welcome to direct which programme you wish to support. The Avalon Homes for the Homeless, Day trips, Drop-in to name just a few.  One thing you can be sure of is that 100% of your donation will go directly to those who need it.

Q12. Why does Avalon choose to support so many different areas when many other charities only support one?

One of the qualities of Avalon is its ability to be flexible, to be open to all causes and to be able to reach out to any area that requires support. If a person can donate to different charities then why can’t Avalon be allowed to do the same?

Q13. Who runs Avalon?

Avalon is run by a board of management who make the decisions. The Centre Co-ordinator is Deborah Holmes who was also the Founder of Avalon.

Q14. Why doesn’t Avalon have paid staff?

At Avalon we want any donations received go straight to the people and activities we support.  Therefore, we do not want to have money used for the overheads of salaries etc. We also believe that Volunteers give from the heart, and our volunteers are an example of that!