Clothes and Bedding Distribution

Homeless Drive

Every fortnight Sunday and Wednesday evenings, and most Wednesday and Fridays during the day.

Avalon Centre cloths distribution

The Clothes & Bedding Distribution programme provides clothing, bedding, toiletries and shoes to people who are living on the streets who are disadvantaged, living in low economic conditions or who are Asylum Seekers.  The van, Avalon’s Moving Wardrobe, travels far and wide packed with clothes, bedding and shoes and goes out with a group of committed volunteers.

The Moving Wardrobe stops at locations on the street including parks and car parks. We also meet up with other organisations that are offering food and visit other charities. Some of the places we visit include:

  • St. Mary’s House of Welcome in Fitzroy.
  • Cornerstone in Dandenong,
  • The Asylum Seeker Resource Centre in Footscray,
  • St. Peter and Paul’s Church in South Melbourne
  • and other centres across St Kilda and the CBD.

We are getting to know the regulars now and have developed a good relationship with quite a few.  Some even make their way to our weekly Drop-In on Mondays to attend the makeover day and meet other Avalonians. One of our aims alongside offering clothes and bedding, is to discover what else is needed and provide support and resources to help.

What Our Volunteers Are Saying

The first ever night going out into town to distribute clothing to the homeless was very humbling

Helping a man whom identified to us he was homeless and sleeping rough by fully clothing him in a suit ready for his court date from our donated clothing

Seeing the faces and appreciation who collect what they need to live as soundly as possible whilst looking for a home and knowing I was part of making their life just a little easier

Learning more about the homelessness and being about to make a difference by being hands on is very rewarding

Clothes Sorting

Thursdays 9.30am – 4pm

Every Thursday, volunteers are welcome to come and lend a hand in the ongoing task of clothes sorting.

We then pack the “Moving Wardrobe” for the Friday’s clothes distribution trip.

Everyone is welcome, we have our regular volunteers, our corporate volunteers, and one off volunteers.

It is a day of fun, work and discovery!!!