An avid rollerblader, musician, and artist, Daniel grew up in Balaclava, where he remembers his childhood home being old, creaky, and home also to a family or two of possums. Daniel first met the Avalon team after 8 hours of rollerblading, and in need of a rest. A fan of ‘acid jazz’, Daniel plays piano, electric guitar, and a few others, and craves what all musicians do – a satisfied audience.

Daniel also paints and draws, with a passion for robotic and synthetic looking artwork – if, by chance, Arnold Schwarzenegger is reading this, Daniel would love to show you his latest work, inspired by The Terminator. A New Yorker at heart, Daniel would love to get back to the birthplace of the world’s greatest mustard, maybe bringing his 8-year-old daughter with him – the book on space is for her.