Media release – Avalon Centre seeks support

Avalon Centre seeks support
to continue helping the homeless

A community organisation that has been helping vulnerable people in Melbourne since 1987 has launched a new drive for financial assistance from donors.
The Avalon Centre is run entirely by volunteers and relies on donations and grants to fund its
This includes offering accommodation for homeless people, providing clothing, bedding and
toiletries, operating a drop-in centre and meeting unmet needs within the community.
Centre Co-ordinator Deborah Holmes urged people to donate before the end of the financial year.
“I’m sure a lot of people would be keen to help us and, if they donate by 30 June, they can get the added bonus of a tax deduction,” Deborah said.
“They will also have the satisfaction of knowing that the money is going directly to those in need and not on overheads.
“We also need people to become aware of what we are doing.
“We are out there at the coal face, helping people living on the street, those with mental and physical health problems and disabilities, along with elderly people and refugees.”
She said donations would help the Avalon Centre to continue to:

  • run the buses for its Homeless Drive, providing warmth to the homeless by delivering sleeping bags, blankets and clothing
  • offer community facilities at the Avalon Drop-In Centre at Malvern East, which has been operating for 37 years
  • provide affordable accommodation for people experiencing homelessness, and
  • provide opportunities for people with disabilities

“In any given week we could help over 1,000 people,” Deborah said.
“The more people can give, the more we can help people on the streets and support them to get their lives back on track.”
Deborah said a donation of $20,000 a year would enable Avalon Centre to service a loan to buy a two bedroom unit under its “Avalon Homes for the Homeless” initiative.

Avalon Centre owns 13 homes around Melbourne, purchased or acquired through donations over the last five years, and provides ongoing tailored support for the most vulnerable members of the community.
“Ideally if someone wants to donate $4,000 to us and they can convince four friends to do likewise, this will help put a roof over a vulnerable family’s head,” she said.
Deborah said businesses could assist by becoming sponsors, with packages tailored to their needs.